Going literal on our name, we’re FUZED! We fuse the best nature has to offer, coupled with what science brings us artificially and give you a product which delivers to its promise. Our active ingredients; majority of which are plant-based are selected upon the authenticity of research to back the claims we make for your skin.


Established in 2020, we take pride in the products we manufacture for our loyal and quality-driven customers. We procure our raw materials and ingredients from companies that have ECOCERT certifications, certified organics having vegetarian origin. Ingredients used in our products complies to the best of international standards used in the Skincare industry.

Our major chunk of raw materials are imported from Switzerland, Germany & Malaysia etc. All COSMOS approved.



On average, Ecocert certifies products contain 99% ingredients of natural origins. A skincare product is COSMOS ORGANIC certified only if: 95% minimum of the plants it contains are organic.


Our manufacturing facility maintains strict sterile standards for our products. None of our products are released to our customers till as Quality Standards have met to ensure a safe and healthy end-user experience. Our products may have shorter shelf life than our competitors because of the gentle and closer to nature preservatives we use, which are not harmful to the sensitive skin.